Photography NCFE Level 1 Class 12, Lightroom, Camera Raw, Tips Etc

Photography NCFE Level 1 Class 12, Lightroom, Camera Raw, Tips Etc

In this class we covered bits and bobs and some tips, so let’s see what I remember or can actually read from my notes.

Taking Photographs When People Wear Glasses

To avoid the shine, make sure they slightly tilt their head to the side to the point the shine is no longer there.

Camera Raw or Raw Therapee

1.4 There is a free service for editing etc called Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee

Camera Raw is an Adobe product and is used with Photoshop very often.

2.4 There is also Lightroom, the difference of some being that with Lightroom you can use presets and put a watermark on the actual photograph.  I have lost all my presets somehow and have no idea how to get the back on, even the standard ones supplied and the ones I bought 😦  Lightroom though I find as a functioning system with flow works well for me, some though get confused with the library/folder system, which I do upon occassion too.  For instance if you move your photographs on your computer that have already been ‘imported’ in to Lightroom, when you go to work on them next they won’t find them, you have to actually ‘point’ the Lightoom app in the right direction of where they are.

This can be a pain if like me you have a sudden urge to tidy all your folders up.

Bridge, Camera Raw, Photoshop all go together and create a neat workflow.  So when you are in Bridge (another Adobe product), you right click and you get the option to open up the photograph in Camera Raw where you can edit and then do more processing in Photoshop.


2.6 There is a snapshot tab, which is the last tab in Lightroom, left hand side which takes a recording of the image so if you are wanting to look at various edits you can look at a sort of history of it.  You can take multiple snapshots and create an editing history.  You can then choose the snapshot that you wish and that will be the one that is saved.

Here is an example in Lightroom:

Lightroom Snapshots J1

Lightroom Snapshots J2

Lightroom Snapshots J3


Lightroom and the other ones mentioned are non-destructive photo editing software.

Deleting Work In Stages

I discovered you can use Control Z in Lightroom and other applications to delete work one stage back which up until now I have been unable to work out how to do.  You can then use Control Alt z to delete more than one.

Saving and Printing in Camera Raw & Lightroom

2.3 If you wish to print etc or save in camera raw you go to save image bottom left.  In Lightroom it is file, then export.

2.2  1.2 So the differences are:

  • Lightroom – file and export
  • Camera Raw – save image …then
  • Save options – select folder – File name (in which you can include numerical options) – Format (jpg etc) – Color space – Image sizing – Output sharpening..then
  • Metadata – All
  • Quality – 12 Max 10 -12  for printing, for the screen 6
  • Lightroom Print – 100, screen 60
  • Image size – inchs for print, resize to fit, choose what you need then tick long size to adjust
  • Web – pixels
  • A computer screen is roughly 1920w and 1080h so if you wish to save space in your media library which is often limited then reduce the size to 800w and 500h.
  • Don’t touch pixels per inch, keep at 300
  • Camera Raw, copy to or move to keeps the editing you have done.

So this is a screen shot of how I exported in Lightroom and how the photograph looked:

Exporting in Lightroom and reducing the size

I decided to put the photograph in a subfolder which would be in an already created homework folder for my photography classes.  This way I could find it easily.  I reduced the size to 800w x 500h which I wouldn’t normally do.  Usually I leave it at 1000 x 1000 and I have always kept the pixel ratio as the app has set it, which I cannot remember what that it.  So we shall see the difference as I will now export the image and show below on my usual settings:

The photograph came out like this:

Lightroom Export and image reduction 800w x 500h

Here is the image 1000 x 1000 – Do you see a difference?

Lightroom Export non 1000 x 1000

Lightroom Export non 1000 x 1000

Sizing Images

One of the cheap places one can print images is at:  DS Colour Labs

DS Colour Labs

DS Colour Labs

Prepare the ratio to print.  1 to 1 square.  Never just crop the image as this will distort/change the pixel ratio.

The camera size is always 3 x 2

4 to 5 is old format cameras

9 – 16 is widescreen

eg 8 x 10 would be 4 – 5 (divide by 2), 6 x 4 3 x 2 etc I am rubbish maths so this is all a bit double dutch to me until I put it in to working practice.

There are various photo storage applications such as Google and MegaNZ both of which you can google and they are free to an extent.

If you have just started reading my NCFE photography classes you can catch up on the rest here:  NCFE Level 1 Photography at the top right hand corner of my blog.

(apologies all of my links do not seem to work so having a nightmare!) – image below with cursor where it is…

Photography NCFE Level 1 Class

I look forward to your comments and feedback, Justine xxx



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