Photography NCFE Level 1 Class 13 & 14, External Flash etc (finishing up)

Photography NCFE Level 1 Class 13 & 14, External Flash etc (finishing up)

This post will mix together the last few lessons which have been about finishing up this Level’s work.

External Flash

External Flash

So in this class I found out that if I press the zig zag on my external flash and watch the led monitor change until it reaches SI it will then trigger the remote to go off when not attached.  How clever.

An external flash gun is better because it gives more power and can be moved in different directions amongst other benefits.

You can also reduce the camera’s internal flash to allow the external flash to work better.

We then skipped on to a few editing issues.


To unify labels between Bridge and Lightroom you go in to Bridge, Edit, Properties – Labels – change names to capital, ie Red instead of red.  This should do it.

Lightroom also records each step of your work, which Camera Raw apparently does not.

There are a few other things on this application:

Map – tells where the photo is taken (remember to be mindful of security with this)

Book – this takes you to Blurb which makes books out of your photographs

Slideshow – you can make slideshows out of this feature.

Print – Print direct from here

Web – you can use this to make galleries to in-bed on a website, however not seen much use in this.

The vibrance setting which I have always wondered about as opposed to saturation is where it is selective where it changes or enhances the colour whereas saturation colours all.

On your Menu at the back of your camera, you can go to the camera icon then picture control, in this section you can go to ‘additional editing effects’ such as vivid, portrait, mono etc.  However most of this can be done afterwards in editing software which is perhaps better as you still have an original to work with and change should you change your mind.

In this instance however it will only affect the jpgs, not the raw image, which is fine if you shoot in both, if you don’t then you will have limited options should you regret using the effect.


This is a great app for your phone for editing.

You can double click the gallery below to see larger images, but you will see how my shots have gone from underexposed to over, it was a case of lowering and highering the value on my remote flash, the extremes done on purpose to show the difference.

You can simply alter on the camera the light meter or you can adjust it directly on the flash.

Another example

That is all for now, we have one class left, our Projects will be marked and I guess we find out if we failed or passed.

Laters, Justine xxx

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